Business Security

Bug Detectors Offer Security for Home and Business
In today's modern society where high tech reigns supreme, it is more important than ever to protect our homes and businesses from people who would photograph, video record, and listen in to our private business and personal lives for the purpose of stealing information. Fortunately, there are numerous types of bug detectors that enable us to stop this type of information theft.

Secure Digital Identity and Encrypted Storage
Stealth Stealth MXP™ is a Portable Security Device. It is a USB powered, secure, multi-functional product with on-board processing for seamless, hardware based encryption, secure storage and strong authentication. Stealth MXP provides unprecedented security, functionality and flexibility in the management of sensitive corporate information on a portable device as well as protection and assertion of personal and corporate digital identities.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring
For complete peace of mind, many people choose to have their intruder alarms monitored. If an alarm is monitored, then, when it detects an intruder it automatically sends a signal via the phone line and/or cellular network to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre - these used to be referred to as Central Stations or Monitoring Stations) and the appropriate action is taken.

Access Control: An Introduction To Access Control
Your building is secure at night, but during the day there are several doors that have to be open. Anybody could walk in. What can you do?

Fire alarm installation at business park
Logiscan Security Systems has completed a fire alarm installation over four floors at Express Business Park, Somerset, in a third of the usual time, thanks to Pirelli's rapid FP FIREFIX(tm) system, the company says.

Wireless surveillance cameras could help you make your business environment safer
Maybe items are disappearing off the shelves in your store. Maybe boxes of pens have been walking away from the supply cabinet. Or maybe you need to keep an eye on the parking lot but don't have room for a security guard in your budget. Wherever you need an extra set of eyes, a wireless video surveillance camera can help.

Keeping Would-Be Thieves At Bay - buying security systems for business
Janine Latus Musick is a free-lance writer in Columbia, Mo. Before choosing a security system for your firm, decide what you want to protect and how high-tech a deterrent you need. Universal Gear in Washington, D.C., sells hip casual wear for young men. To deter shoplifting, owner David Franco aimed a security camera at the front door. But fleet-footed thieves who grabbed fashion statements and ran out had little or no fear of being stopped.

Eye on the prize: keep your business secure even when you're away
NEED TO MONITOR YOUR OFFICE OR warehouse overnight? Want to keep an eye on retail locations or branch offices even when you're not there? Setting up a surveillance system used to be a struggle. But the spread of 802.11 wireless networks in homes and businesses, with the Internet connecting them, has given rise to wireless video cameras for extra security.

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