Intruder Alarm Monitoring

For complete peace of mind, many people choose to have their intruder alarms monitored. If an alarm is monitored, then, when it detects an intruder it automatically sends a signal via the phone line and/or cellular network to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre - these used to be referred to as Central Stations or Monitoring Stations) and the appropriate action is taken.

New Police/Constabulary Service guidelines (the ACPO Policy on Response to Security - ACPO are the Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland) state that the Police will now only attend monitored alarms that confirm alarm activations (unless installed pre October 2002).

Confirmation is received when a second detection device is triggered during the same intrusion; therefore, something is definitely on site and moving around.

On receiving the first activation, the ARC will notify a keyholder but if a second detection device is triggered in the same activation, this confirms to the ARC that 'something' is definitely on site and moving around, and the Police are instantly alerted.

If an intruder is detected, a signal is sent from the alarm system using either a standard digital communicator, BT RedCare, BT RedCare GSM or CSL DualComm, via the phone line and/or a cellular network.

A standard digital communicator works by sending signals via the ordinary analogue telephone network, as does BT RedCare, however, with RedCare the ARC are alerted if the phone line fails, either through attack or a genuine line fault, as the line is constantly monitored.

BT RedCare GSM and CSL DualComm send alarm activations via the phone line and a cellular network to for increased security. These forms of signalling are ideal if your insurance company requires your alarm to transmit 'confirmation' signals after a line cut.

Your home is your greatest asset. Why leave it vulnerable when it clearly pays to have your house protected by security professionals.

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