False alarm: too many calls to your local police can cost you money
Many a homeowner resting safe and secure has been awakened by the deafening sound of his or her home's security system. "It scared me half to death," says Ann Marie Sutherland of Martinsburg, West Virginia, recalling the ear-piercing sound that woke her from her sleep. She lived alone in a newly built home.

Intrusion detection guide
With the growing use of internet the threats attached to it are also growing. As more and more people are getting dependent on internet, the hackers are inventing new ways to intrude into their systems and cause havoc for them. By intruding or by gaining unauthorized access to their computers the hackers can access confidential information or can simply destroy their system and derive sadistic pleasure out of it. Thus, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) have become the need of the hour.

Security Building Blocks
When planning building security, facility executives have to consider threats that range from break-ins to bombs to biological agents. Given the strides in security technology, the nearly constant threat of terrorism, as evidenced by the recent bombings in London, and the increased blurring of the lines between facilities, IT and security, facility executives have more to think about than ever as they work to protect their organizations' people and property.

Security - a growth industry
PROMOTIONAL gifts distributed today may not always be what they seem to be. Not so long ago, a ball point pen arrived in the morning mail. It looked like an advertisement and, of course, it was. A covering letter, however, pointed out that pens of that kind may be transmitters. They may be designed to enable strangers outside the building to listen to private conversations.

Vision Systems integrate smoke detection with security
Compliant with BS8418 standard, ADPRO FastTrace multi-site video security system features zone isolation capability, PTZ presets, arming/disarming function, secure video transmission, and alarm verification. SitePulse feature works over existing IP lines to continuously watch alarm status. VESDA LaserFOCUS 500 provides smoke detection for business-critical spaces of less than 5,000 ft[sup.2]. Both products include 10MAX voice evacuation system controller.

Burglar and fire alarms: costs and benefits to the locality
Fire and crime which occur in homes are costly and demoralizing events that affect every residential community. Victims suffer financial loss, days lost from work, and a dramatic decrease in the quality of life when their privacy is invaded and their homes are no longer regarded as safe havens. All citizens are affected by higher insurance premiums and higher taxes to pay for stepped-up police and fire protection.

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