Fire alarm installation at business park

Logiscan Security Systems has completed a fire alarm installation over four floors at Express Business Park, Somerset, in a third of the usual time, thanks to Pirelli's rapid FP FIREFIX(tm) system, the company says.

The multifunctional 'Exchange' building at the centre of the business park is constructed using a steel frame with concrete slabs. FP FIREFIX(tm) dips can be fired into a variety of base materials, including concrete, using ITW's Spit Pulsa 700E cordless gas nailing tool, making it ideal for this installation.

Logiscan's technical director Andrew Humphries said: "It was important for us to use a fixing system that would help to support the cables in the event of a fire. Pirelli's FP FIREFIX(tm) system provided us with a logical way of getting the cable installed in a sensible manner that complies with the requirements of BS5839.

"Using the Pulsa tool we could fire the clips every few inches straight into the concrete. As a result we completed one floor in three days instead of the 10, it would have taken using traditional methods. With FP FIREFIX(tm) the labour saving element outweighs the cost of the material. The alternative would have been to use cable trays, pushing up the cost substantially."

This was the first time Logiscan had used FP FIREFIX(tm), which was supplied by their local Wilts wholesaler. "We were so impressed we are now using it on other projects," continued Andrew.

Pirelli marketing manager, Julie Croasdale said: "FP FIREFIX(tm) is designed with speed in mind, allowing the user to quickly fix one or two cables with no need for drilling, plugging and screwing. The reduction in installation time not only means cost savings but also greater on-site productivity, as illustrated by Logiscan."

Logiscan designed and installed the fire alarm system, which includes an analogue addressable system and pre-alarm warnings. It monitors heat levels in the kitchen and if a fire is detected the system shuts down the intake valves to the gas supply.

Pirelli's FP200 Gold fire performance cable is used with FP FIREFIX(tm) throughout the new state of the art building. Some of the facilities include office suites, conference rooms, a creche, restaurant and gym.

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