Wall Mounted Washing Lines v RotaryWhats The Best

The debate over wall mounted washing lines versus rotary washing lines has raged for years, with many preferring one over the other. As both these models are still very popular in todays modern world, we look at what the differences are between these styles. To Fold or to Rotate, that is what we need the answer to! Firstly, we need to sort out exactly what each line is and how they vary in ways such as function, style, mounting and washing line space. With both the wall mounted and rotary washing lines available in a range of sizes, with the rotary made in different head diameters.

5m in diameter right up to huge 6m diameter models(these are only for people with lots of space!) There are generally two styles of rotary washing lines, those that can be folded and removed after installation and those that are permanently fixed into the ground. By far, the folding style of rotary washing line is the most popular sold around the world, with the permanently installed rotaries more popular in Australia where the rotary washing was invented and probably also because they have larger blocks with more room. Materials used in construction are basically aluminium or steel and can be painted in a range of colours, with the most popular being Heritage Green and Beige, or just natural aluminium or galvanised steel. The wall mounted washing line is one that as attaches to the wall or can also be mounted free standing with the use of a ground mount conversion kit. With narrow models that are better suited for longer, narrow areas, to those that comes out from the wall up to 1.

5 metres. You can also install and use all the wall mounted washing lines indoors, which is great for those countries who have bad weather. The wall mounted washing lines are commonly found in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, with rotarys far more common throughout other regions. When it comes to comparing the two styles, the rotary washing line offers the most line space but also requires the most area. The wall mounted lines are more compact so are perfect for smaller yards and areas such as passage ways and walkways, but do not have the drying area of the rotary's. The key points really are how much washing are you or your family going to generate and how much washing line or drying space you are going to need.

Writing is a passion for Kelly who also writes for Eco Washing Lines and Mrs Peggs Handy Line

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