Tempurpedic Pillow For a Quieter Nights Sleep

Did you know the solution to snoring may simply lie with changing to a tempurpedic pillow and mattress? Snoring may be associated with heath problems, and you may require a doctor's help, but looking first at what you sleep on is a good start. The Problem with Snoring The fact is, snoring is bothersome for the one listening to it. But, it may have bad effects to the health of the snorer. Sleep apnea, where the sleeper stops breathing for a time and then snorts or snores, can be fatal or lead to disabling conditions. Some believe that any snoring could be a problem.

Begin with a Good Mattress Fortunately, there are some simple adjustments you can make to alleviate snoring. And it all begins with a good mattress. Sleeping on your back has been proven to increase both the number of times and degree of snoring. An old mattress may not be as firm, and sag in between causing you to roll onto your back.

Make sure your bed gives you the right support for your back so that your spine is properly aligned and your neck is on a good position. Visco-Elastic Foam Mattress A good mattress that can prevent sagging is one that is made from visco-elastic memory foam. Its unique feature is that it contours to your body, and at the same time support you with good firmness. And did I say it's comfortable as well? These are features of the tempur material.

Once you have decided that your mattress is appropriate, take a look at your pillow. If your pillow is thin, you can be sure it's is not doing your neck any good. Not to mention that the dust mites that make their dwelling in old bedding and pillows can cause your allergies to recur.

This could very well cause your snoring to become worse. The tempurpedic pillow helps support the neck the same way a tempurpedic mattress supports the back. It has a gentle curve that contours to the neck and spine. This decreases the floppiness in the throat that produces an obstructed airway.

And a blocked air passageway is the main cause of snoring. By choosing the right size pillows, you get the just the right curve for your neck. Kids should choose the junior size while most women require the small or medium. Small to average men should choose the medium, but taller or larger men may need the large pillow. A recent study discovered that most snorers who made the switch to the memory foam pillow had a more productive day and felt more relaxed. Their partners also reported sleeping better because of less snoring.

Summary While some snoring is dangerous and should be checked out by a doctor, changing your mattress and pillow can be helpful to most people. The tempurpedic foam mattress and pillow work together to align the spine and neck to allow for freer breathing and quieter nights.

Want to get a good night's sleep? For more on Tempurpedic Pillow and other sleep alternatives as well as mattress comparison tips go to Foam Mattress Central.

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