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If you go to a home improvement store and ask a salesperson for storage containers it would be like asking for a brush. You never know what type of brush they will bring back. It could be a toilet brush, a paint brush, a wire brush, or a cleaning brush. If they bring back a hair brush or tooth brush then you are probably in the wrong store. Like brushes storage containers come in different types, but its purpose is the same.

They create organization. Though Tupperware parties have been replaced by candle and makeup parties, storage containers seem to be selling better than ever despite becoming out of style as the main attraction at social events. You probably do not know you have so many. Just take a stroll around your house. Storage containers are in the bathroom and the kitchen.

They are under the bed and in the closet. If you have a laundry room and garage, storage containers are there too. We use them for our valuables and we use them for our garbage. It makes you wonder what we ever did before storage containers were invented. Here are a few storage containers we love to use in our homes every day and can be used in a self storage unit too.

Food Storage Containers Perhaps food storage containers became popular when the microwave oven was invented. Our left over food stays fresh in these clear sealable containers. They are great for transporting food to parties and get-togethers. Though people love giving away their leftover food in storage containers, people worry about never seeing their storage containers again. And they have every right to worry since very few are returned to the proper owner.

Bathroom Storage Containers They are probably not as prestigious as food storage containers, but that is because no one is sending anyone home from a party with some bathroom cleaner and toilet scrub. However, bathroom storage containers keep the storage space under the bathroom sink well organized. So if your party guests are looking for the air freshener, they can find it very easily.

Closet Storage Containers It does not matter how large we make closets these days, people will always find a way to fill it up with clothes that still have tags attached to them. People are like reptiles, we grow to the size of our environment. So, closet storage containers are a perfect storage solution for sweaters and other winter storage items. They keep the mothball smell from saturating every tiny piece of fiber.

If you plan on using closet storage containers in your self storage unit, you can stack them to create more storage space. Garage Storage Containers They are not just for garages anymore. Garage storage containers can also be used inside self storage units. Just because you are renting a self storage unit does not give you the permission to be messy somewhere else besides your garage. Garage storage containers are cabinet like and make of a durable plastic.

Storage cabinets hold outdoor storage items such as rakes and shovels. Laundry Storage Containers These are more commonly known as hampers, but for those in the self storage business, we prefer the term laundry storage containers. Some people use them for their dirty laundry, but others like to use them when they do not feel like folding clothes.

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