Spa Cover Heavy Again

All too often we get calls from people wanting to buy a new spa cover for a hot tub they just got for free. You have to wonder why, when spas and hot tubs cost hundreds of dollars when new are people giving them away? Then why, if this is so great, would anyone end up giving it away? And as it is leaving say, "The spa works great it just needs a new cover." I hear it all the time. To me this is equivalent to giving away your car because it needs a new set of tires. Years of hearing these words led me to ponder the change of attitude. It happens slowly, but see if any of this sounds familiar.

When you first get your spa you use it like it's your first bicycle. It becomes a part of your regular routine. Over time though it becomes a little bit more of a struggle. The reason is that cover that came with the spa begins to get heavy.

It does it so slowly that you don't even notice. As you begin to struggle with it you might think to yourself, "I must be tired." Eventually you'll wait a few days between using it and when you go to use it again you realize that what was a fairly easy operation now requires two people and real effort. What do you do? Most people get in their car and go back to the place they bought their spa from.

What does the spa dealer say? "Well, yes the cover that came with the spa is our low end model. They always get saturated. However this new and improved version of the same type of cover has a special sealed wrapper against moisture.

Buy this one and your trouble will be gone."You might even take home a spa cover lifter thinking that will help. Trouble is that even the new special cover will get heavy too. Too heavy even for the lifter. In most cases you have had your spa for a few years by now.

The struggle to get into it has outweighed the value of the stress relieved. Most commonly after a rate increase from the power company, you shut it down. You probably can't remember the last time you were in it anyway. It becomes a place to stack stuff. Eventually the cover caves in and you decide its time to reclaim this part of the yard.

You'll end up giving it away or selling it cheap simply to get it out of the yard. As it is leaving with its new owner you say these words, "It works great, it just needs a new cover!" Now if you are the benefactor of such a statement, let me give you a heads up. You too will end up in the same situation unless you find a way to break the cycle of covers that get heavy. If you are the spa owner that is just about to give up think about this, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting to get different results. Don't let a cover be the reason you give up something you paid hard earned money for and once enjoyed so much. Look for a different kind of spa cover.

I once had a lady order a new cover from me and she was excited to show it off to her neighbor that had the same heavy cover challenge. Unfortunately before she told her friend about the new type of cover she had discovered, that neighbor had punched holes in the bottom of her spa and transformed it into a very large and expensive planter. A very expensive planter, all for the want of a better spa cover.

Flash is a former Police Sergeant, Licensed Pilot, Heavy Equipment Operator, Military Trained Mechanic that has written technical manuals and short stories. He has over twenty years experience as a business owner and currently lives in the northwest. Find out more by clicking here spa covers.

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