Shower Curtains Wear More Hats Than You May Realize

Shower curtains can turn your drab, dreary bathroom into the showcase of your home if you use creativity and imagination. Even the oldest ugliest tub can be hidden way to some degree by the right shower curtain. Bathrooms were once a utilitarian room within homes and older homes have not paid the close attention to detail to their bathrooms that many of today's homes have. Also keep in mind that avocado green and brown were once the fashion conscious color choices in home decor and you have a recipe for some rather hideous bath fixtures to attempt to hide.

Most people, when first purchasing a home have spent the vast majority of their life savings up until that point in time just getting into their homes. Down payments, closing costs, moving vans all add up to some fairly significant numbers for the average family and bathroom renovations are not always immediately in the cards. It's great to know however that a can of paint and some creative window treatments and shower curtains can make a world of difference in the way you feel about your bathroom. While some may feel that this is an incredible amount of responsibility to place on a lone piece of fabric, I think you will be impressed at how much more you enjoy your bathroom once you've placed your own shower curtain in colors and tones, perhaps a design that you truly enjoy in your bathroom.

By adding a little bit of yourself to the room and covering up something that the previous owner may have left behind, you have already begun the long process of making your mark on the bathroom and haven't really spent that much money in the process. Shower curtains are definitely an inexpensive way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom. They are also great at hiding the jars of potions and lotions that we tend to keep in our showers. I know that my shower has a happy little collection of bath gels, soaps on ropes, shampoos and conditioners, and all the other fun things that keep us all shiny and squeaky clean-these are the things I'd rather not reveal to the guests who visit our home, thus the true wonder of shower curtains is that they can be pulled shut in order to hide those things (plus a few unseemly and invasive soap scum stains in the event that a child has taken the most recent bath) from the casual observer and if they peek behind the curtains, they deserve what they see.

Whether you are using your shower curtains to make your design mark on your bathroom, to hide some hideous colored tiles or fixtures, or even to hide the common every day signs of life and family coexistence within your bathroom, you are making a wise, wonderful, inexpensive choice in your method of doing so. While price rangers on shower curtains vary greatly, they are generally much less expensive than retiling or putting in new tubs and hardware for those just starting out. Shower curtains are a great way to make your bathroom feel more like home to you and your family.

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