Should You Use Copper Or Galvanized Or PVC Pipes In Your Home

So you know you have to buy plumbing pipes for your home. The problem is, there's a choice and you just don't know what to choose. Here's something that makes it easy for you to decide.

The first thing you need to know is that indoor plumbing pipes come in three materials: Copper, Galvanized and PVC. Now take a look at the three and decide what is best suited for your house. The first thing you need to know is that you should not use galvanized steel and copper together as this could cause a chemical reaction. So the ideal thing would be to just use one pipe all over the house.

The only exception might be the short pipe that is added behind the toilet or the sink. PVC is the lightest of the three and you will find it very easy to install especially if you are doing it yourself. It is also the most reasonably-priced. The other advantages are that it does not rust, is non-conductive and will not suffer from condensation.

It also withstands higher pressures of water as compared to copper and the noise levels at these high pressures are minimal. It is also self-insulating, which means it can take higher temperatures of water and can be put under concrete without fear of reacting to it. However, it is not as flame-resistant as the other two. The sizes, too can be constricting as it is only available in 1/2" to 2" sizes.

So it means quite a bit of inflexibility. Copper is definitely better for the joints as it is not as bulky as PVC and it fits much better than PVC into tight corners. Galvanized pipes and copper do not have any volatile compounds like PVC and are more environment-friendly. They also do not cause the water to have a plastic sort of taste like PVC does. So whether you want to build a new home and install water pipes or you are looking to change the pipes in your home, it would be worth it to do a bit of research.

Find out from people who have just done up their homes as to what problems they facef and what advice they can give you. The Internet has so much advice about what pipes will be good for you. There are so many things that contribute to your choice of piping material.

Of course, if after all that you're still not sure, the best possible thing will be to put yourself and your piping project into the hands of the people who know best - qualified plumbers. They are trained to assess what is best for each individual house. They will also know how to install the piping so it's safe and does not cause problems. Here, too, it is best to get a plumber that comes recommended. If he comes to you by word-of-mouth, all the better because then you can ask the person he did the previous job for about how he works. If not, get one from a reputed firm.

You might have to pay a bit more but it will be worth it in terms of not having problems for a long time.

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