Residential Dumbwaiter Installations on the Rise

The news is true. Dumbwaiters have successfully invaded countless homes and residences. If you think dumbwaiters are only for commercial uses such as hospitals, restaurants, lodging establishments, libraries, etc. then think again. It has already made its way into millions of homes all over the world. And why not, it is very functional, multipurpose, uncomplicated to operate and customizable.

Its success may be attributed to the fact that it is very straightforward and yet offers numerous applications. Below are detailed explanation and scenarios of its usefulness and how it becomes so close to the hearts of every member of the family: Dependability The main benefit of residential dumbwaiters is the ease and convenience it provides in transporting goods. Items are moved from one location to another faster and safer.

It significantly reduces the task load of a person who is collecting the stuffs to be transported. For some instances, it totally eliminates the need for a person/s to make the movement. It is so reliable that you may not have to get a house helper, maid or any other extra hand to finish chores. That is an absolute saving! Versatility Its functionality may be simple and basic yet can be used in countless applications.

For heavy and fragile equipment, dumbwaiters can move it without difficulty. When it is laundry day, every family member can simply toss their washables and mom will be happier than ever before. For dad who keeps his home office at the top floor, transporting equipment, supplies, books and other materials will never be back breaking again. Other remarkable uses of dumbwaiters in transferring items includes: groceries and packages, household supplies, trash and garbage, firewood, food and beverages, portable equipment and so much more. Simple to operate and maintain Whether it is a manual or electronic type; dumbwaiter can be operated by almost any member of the family. It does not require much time and effort to learn how to use it.

Operating it does not entail technical expertise and complexities. Simply, put the item on the dumbwaiter, pull the rope or push the button and that is all you need. A dumbwaiter usually does not need several scheduled maintenance under normal residential operating situations. Even for heavy residential use ? over 20 trips a day, frequency of inspection may be done less often like every quarter.

Various models to choose from You can customize your dumbwaiter according to your preferences. Lifting capacity varies depending on your requirements. You can choose from manual or electronic model type. Also, some models have built-in doors. Generally, manual dumbwaiters are cheaper and operate with a pulley system.

But if you can spend some cash then why not opt for the electronic model especially if a push of a button appeals to you more. You can also match its colors, designs and materials with the elegance and style of your home interior.

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