Problematic Pests In The Summer Zap Them With Insecticide

There is no doubt that insects invading the home can be distressing. Apart from the fact that they are unwelcome guests, some are highly irritating and generally unpleasant creatures to have around, some can also bite or sting, and yet others can carry health risks. Getting rid of them and keeping them out can be problematic if you don't know what to do or where to start. The good news is that most of the time you can deal with common household pests yourself by putting in place some simple measures and by purchasing a good quality insecticide that is designed to be used specifically against the type of pest in question.

There are some things you must bear in mind when trying to get rid of common household insects. Most insects are on the search for food so removing or covering up any potential food supply is important. For example, dispose of any left over food from meal times immediately, make sure that packets, containers and jars are tightly sealed, that any spillages are promptly mopped up and dealt with and that bins are securely covered. Not all insects are associated with poor hygiene but a good standard of hygiene is an effective preventative measure for dealing with many different types of insects.

Different insects respond to different measures too so make sure that any insecticide you use is able to do the job. For example, insecticides that are specifically designed for treating flying insects like flies and wasps may not be as effective against crawling insects such as silverfish, ants, earwigs and beetles. When choosing an insecticide make sure it is appropriate for the insect or insects you are trying to eradicate.

What is an insecticide? An insecticide is a chemical formulation that comes in spray, powder or liquid form which is used to kill insects either by direct contact with the formula itself such as spraying it in a room, aiming it directly at the insects or into their nests, or by acting as bait so that the chemicals are eaten by the insects. Domestic insecticides can be effective at treating most common household pests such as: - Flies - Fleas - Ants - Spiders - Silverfish - Beetles - Cockroaches - Earwigs - Wasps Safety precautions Domestic insecticides are controlled and regulated to ensure that they are safe to use in the home. However, there are some common sense precautions you can take which will ensure that you and your family are completely safe and at the same time, that the bugs are effectively destroyed. - Read the label on any insecticide you buy and follow the instructions for use - If using it in an area where food is likely to be eaten or prepared, make sure that you thoroughly wipe down all the surfaces afterwards - Cover all fish tanks and bird cages before using an insecticide - Keep children, babies and pets well out of the way when using insecticide - Avoid inhaling any vapour and make sure the home is well ventilated - Wash your hands after use - Store any insecticides out of reach of children Severe Infestations For severe infestations that you find difficult to control yourself with a domestic insecticide, it is probably better to speak to your environmental health department or to seek specialist advice from an expert in pest control.

If you have pest problems please come and visit our site where we have masses of information of how to get rid of pests safely using insecticide.

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