Planters Made from PVC Look Like Wood

Planters are a great way to add curb appeal to businesses and homes. Planters can be made from almost any material and cast planters have traditionally been the most popular. Cast iron and cement planters are very typical and offer a beautiful look to complement a front entrance to a home or building.

Cedar planters are very popular in front of commercial entrances, especially restaurants. Vinyl planters have popped up as a nice affordable alternative to wood that will not rot and PVC planters have come on strong, emerging as an upgrade over vinyl capturing the look of wood and none of the maintenance issues. The advantages of planters are obvious. They add curb appeal to almost any home or business. Each material choice for planters offer a different asset and look that is unique. Wood planters have always been a popular choice, especially cedar, cypruss, and teak.

Wood planters will usually last 3-5 years before they begin to show signs of rot. The vinyl planters are able to beat out mother nature in that respect, but have suffered from not being able to be painted and having a shiny finish to them. To solve that puzzle, PVC planters are now available which are paintable and have a matted finish to them. They can be built very custom for less since they are not moulded and they are completely resistant to moisture and rotting. Another advantage to PVC planters is that matching window boxes can be custom built. There are very few materials that can function as both planters and be mounted as window boxes on a home or commercial building.

PVC window boxes are the gold standard in the window box industry and matching planters have become increasingly more in demand. Many businesses nowadays are in need of custom planters that can be long and narrow or wide and tall to fit a specific need. Sometimes the need is to add a planter in a corner or the need is for a long planter between two columns or a wide planter to fill a gap. If you're going to put time and energy and especially money into having custom planters built, then you should consider what your needs are. Do you need something custom? Are you trying to achieve a specific look? Does it need to match the home or building? Is cost an issue? If you know the answers to those questions, then you will know exactly what material will best suit your needs for commercial planters.

Matt Buquoi owns Flower Window Boxes - a manufacturing company that makes custom window boxes and PVC planters. He regularly consults with business owners to add curb appeal to their businesses.

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