Lawn Sprinklers The OldFashion Form of Watering the Landscape

We've all heard the saying "you don't know what you've got till it's gone". It's often the simple things that are overlooked until it's too late - things like water. If there is a drought, your landscape and garden will surely feel the effects. There are some things you can do conserve water during or before a drought to help. First of all, you can mulch your plants.

If you've already done this, you're ahead of the game. Mulch will reduce water evaporation in the soil. Plastic mulch is fine for this purpose, but organic mulch will have the added benefit of adding organic material to the soil. Mulch can go all around your plants in the flower beds, and between rows in a vegetable garden.

You should know that it makes it tougher for water to get to the roots as well though. Since you have a limited supply of water, you should make sure as much of it gets to the roots as possible. Lawn Sprinklers, for example, are a poor form of irrigation because much of the water is waste on the leaves and other obstructions before reaching the ground. Watering the base of the plants with a slow, gentle, soaking stream of water will be much more efficient. A drip or trickle irrigation system is a great option.

They are inexpensive and easy to install and use. They apply small amounts of water directly to the base of each plant. There will be no wasted water at all using this method. Make sure you know which of your plants is built to withstand the climate during a drought. You should use the small amount of water you have to keep the weaker plants alive.

Plants that are mature and native to the area should survive the drought on their own, this is plain old good lawn care and landscaping advice. To limit evaporation you should water early in the morning. This will also give plants moisture to deal with the heat of the day ahead of them. One last tip to deal with drought conditions is to collect any water you can from downspouts when it rains. You'd be surprised how much water your roof catches.

Get a large barrel to store the water in to use when needed.

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