Kitchen Cabinets Keeping them in tiptop shape

Your kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of your kitchen so it's important to maintain their appearance. Like any furniture, dust collects on exposed surfaces, so go over your kitchen cabinets frequently with a lint-free cloth. Spray lightly with water to avoid spreading dust. Pay particular attention to greasy areas around ovens and stovetops.

If not cleaned regularly, the wood on your kitchen cabinets can become stained or damaged. Spray a wood-safe cleaner on the surface of your kitchen cabinets, and allow the cleaner to penetrate the grease for a few seconds, then wipe off. It may require more than one application depending on the frequency of cleaning and how heavily your kitchen gets used. If something spills or splashes on your kitchen cabinets, it is always important to clean it up immediately with a small amount of soap and water.

Then wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. Any liquids that splash on your cabinets can easily stain the wood on your kitchen cabinets, especially items like red wine, and sauces, or sodas. It's a good idea to wash your kitchen cabinets thoroughly at least once a year. Use a little mild soap in a bucket of warm water.

It is best to remove the items from inside your kitchen cabinets before you start cleaning them. Clean the surfaces, inside and out, rinsing frequently. Make sure everything is completely dry before restocking the shelves of your kitchen cabinets. After everything is try, it is important to add a light coat of quality furniture polish to the outside of your kitchen cabinets and wipe with a soft rag.

For scratches, select a touch-up kit that matches the finish of your kitchen cabinets. Use the felt-tip marker on light scratches or discolored areas. For deep nicks, fill with wood putty, let dry, and touch up with the matching stain. Regular cleaning will keep your kitchen cabinets looking great and will help maintain their appearance for years to come.

While some people like the look of not having knobs or pulls on their kitchen cabinets, the knobs and pulls will help extend the life of the finish on your kitchen cabinets, since it will reduce the exposure to the dirt and oils from your fingers when opening and closing them.

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