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Island Blinds Building a house and making it a home is no easy task and we at Island Blinds are dedicated to the mission of providing our customers with only the very best in superior quality window coverings for their exclusive style statements ? their homes! We offer real value for the money invested in our products and services and our commitment to service goes well beyond all that our dedicated patrons expect of us. We at Island Blinds maintain quality and service standards ahead of all other support we offer our customers. The success story of Island Blinds window coverings is a tale of dedication and determination and style! We offer you everything in window coverings from the top brands and with a guarantee of satisfaction with each. The Island Blinds window coverings come with the dedicated and unique 'Satisfaction Guarantee' which covers you against 'final sales' and inferior quality products. We are an internet retailer dedicated to the supply of blinds and window coverings via our stylish virtual showroom. Our approach is different.

We do not operate via a catalog or warehouse and have maintained a tradition of little or no overhead at all, to keep down all costs and offer real value to customers. Island Blinds Window Coverings enjoys great syndicates with fabricators and hence, we are able to offer extremely low wholesale prices. Our customers benefit from the saving and the low markup results in the lowest prices in the industry. Island Blinds Window Coverings has a certified sales and service team that is recognized and reputed and stands as proof as the company's commitment to pure service.

Our team members offer you the benefit of knowledgeable and expert advice on home décor and courteous service that goes beyond simply furnishing. Island Blinds Window Coverings is a customer centric company that supports and promotes credible information online, on home décor and interior decoration. Island Blinds Window Coverings or IslandBlinds.

com operates from Woodbury, Minnesota and reaches out to a target customer audience worldwide. Island Blinds Window Coverings offers free product samples, non-commissioned services of dedicated sales and service staff, discount prices, FREE shipping services dedicated to deliver in 5-7 business days and secure online ordering. We offer you superior products at low prices and truly appreciate customer feedback. makes available quality blinds and window fashions within a professional shopping experience. Some of the products we offer include: Wood Blinds of a wide assortment of colors and motorized options for an ultra modern home décor experience.

Vertical Blind Alternatives of faux wood to coordinate with the range of horizontal faux woods to match our cellular shades and maximize view. Faux Wood Blinds in an assortment of colors and textures that are also motorized, with a decorative valance. Vertical Blinds in categories of PVC verticals, embossed PVC verticals and free-hang fabric verticals.

These too come with valance options and motorization.

matthew peschong is the author of this article on Wood Blinds. Find more information about Aluminum Blinds here.

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