Interior Design Facts That You Should Know

Much like the history of art, the history of interior design has had numerous styles, movements and the political and social developments that have informed or challenged its evolution. Encyclopedias define interior design as: planning and design of man made spaces, a part of environmental designs and closely related to architecture. Although the desire to create a pleasant environment is as old as civilization itself the field of interior design is relatively new, this seems on target for most home designs. Since at least the middle of the 20th century, the term interior decorator has been so loosely applied as to be nearly meaningless.

Meaningless? Maybe since the word eclectic has become a household word. Interior designers use their education, creativeness, and experience to help plan the space and furnish the interiors of private homes, public buildings, and business or institutional facilities, such as offices, restaurants, retail establishments, hospitals, hotels, and theaters. Professional designers can tell you if a chair is a Greek, Roman, Byzantium, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Gothic, Moorish, Spanish, Anglo Saxon or Charlemagnes Chair.

Does the average person even know anything about the colonial period, the revival of Directoire and empire furniture, the Victorian period or the periods of the three Louis? This may be why a lot of creative people shy away from decorating there own special spaces. In this modern day and age people can now use their creativity to create beautiful living spaces without caring that they may break a cardinal rule of decorating. Home decorating, is a conscious effort to improve the appearance and functionality of ones living areas, in many homes and living spaces. This means that we can break out of the styles of the past and create our own areas of comfort and style.

Really know what you want as a home, want it, and you can work out any scheme, provided you have intelligence, patience and perseverance. What is eclectic? Eclectic is basically made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources, like mixing a Elizabethan chair next to a Queen Anne stool. As part of the ever increasing quest for individual expression in decor the eclectic style has emerged as a favorite among homeowners that want to decorate the world around them. This gives us all freedom to decorate to our own taste and comfort level! Acknowledging all schemes of interior decoration and insisting that what makes any scheme good or bad, successful, or unsuccessful is the fact that it is planned in reference to the type of person who will live in it. If you are to be living in it then you can do anything you want.

In planning your house after arranging for proper wall space for your various articles of furniture, keep in mind always that balance will be needed and must be at the same time conveniently placed and distinctly decorative; convenient for the individual along with the family. I am often astonished to see how many times the careless placing of one piece of furniture upsets the actual balance of a room. One chair in the flow of traffic or a tipsy lamp next to a door can really ruin a good looking design. To help you make smart choices, look thru books on decorating that discuss traits, preferred room dimensions, available options for furniture matching, and other helpful decision making information.

Often ebooks and other online resource can point out good hints and tips to really get you started. With this in mind and ideas fresh, I suggest lots of thought and some research before starting out on this great endeavor, but with a plan in hand roll up your sleeves and get going!.

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