Protect Your Home with Dummy Security Cameras

Today with the increasing number of cases of stalking, theft, rape and murder, you do not need to be a celebrity or a millionaire to secure your home. While some essential security devices like alarm systems and electronic door locks are affordable, products like electronic sensors, surveillance cameras may be costly for a middle class householder. However, the pressing security demands that you do something to scare the criminals.

Dummy cameras will scare would-be trespassers and criminals enough for them to leave your home alone. These cameras look exactly like the real ones. There is no difference in these cameras and the real ones except that these are not cameras at all. They look like the real ones and are priced as low as $25-$30. Most of the dummy cameras have cables to give the feeling that it has a connection to a control room where the camera shows on screen whatever image it catches. Some dummy cameras are so designed that they move along with the movement of the object in front of it. The focal lengths printed on the camera lenses, cables and sturdy look can deceive anyone into thinking that these are the real CCTV cameras.

The trick in buying dummy CCTV cameras is that you should be careful that they do not look like dummy cameras. There are dummy cameras that have real camera housing minus the electronics. These cameras really give the real look of a security camera. An original security surveillance camera would be the same when its electronic components are removed. Therefore, an outsider will not have the slightest doubt that it is a dummy CCTV camera. The flashing red LED adds to the authenticity of the dummy CCTV cameras.

Dummy security cameras can fit on the interior of your home as well as mounted on the exterior. There are dummy security cameras that imitate popular companies, which build replicas of their popular models. Shops could use these dummy security cameras and would be an added asset in many cases especially in high robbery areas. Dummy cameras pan from left to right upon detecting movement in front it, so any would-be criminal will think he is being watched. That's enough to scare a prospective robber. Much like real surveillance cameras dummy security cameras can be mounted on roofs like dome cameras.

Whatever the variety and model that exist in the market for real surveillance cameras, dummy security cameras are there with the same exact look and feel. At low cost and virtually no maintenance these cameras are of great help in averting theft, trespassing and even serious crimes.

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