Is Your Home REALLY Safe?�

"Burglary is a Crime of Opportunity"

Here are... Seventeen Preventative Tips To Help Safeguard Against Home Burglary.

Guard against malicious thieves and vandals making unauthorized entry into your Home. Read and implement these tips today!

Keep your doors and windows locked. Don't make your property a target for burglars and thieves. A large percentage of Home Burglaries occur as a result of leaving doors and windows unlocked. Don't join the statistics. Don't give a burglar a special invitation to gain access to your property.

If you receive mysterious phone calls by unknown callers or repetitive calls that disconnect when you answer. Beware...would-be thieves may be checking to see if the home is occupied.

When someone rings your doorbell and asks if someone else is at home. Be on guard, you may have just surprised a thief that thought no one was at home. It is common for a burglar to ring the front door bell and if none answers, they go around to the back of the house to make a forced entry. Immediately report this suspicious activity to the police.

Make sure to keep hedges and shrubberies trimmed to deny intruders the opportunity to hide unnoticed while breaking into your house.

Give your home that "occupied look". Use electronic timers for lights and radios. It's a good idea to get timers that vary the On/Off times. Don't make them come on and off at the same times everyday. Burglars don't want a surprise confrontation with the homeowner.

Maintain exterior lights around the perimeter of the house. Replace those burned out bulbs immediately. Consider adding outdoor lights with built-in motion detectors that will turn on upon sensing motion. Burglars hate to be seen, much less identified.

If you're leaving on vacation, stop all mail and newspaper deliveries if possible. Otherwise have a friend or neighbor pick them up on your behalf. Don't make it obvious that they haven't been home for a while.

Remove any references on your telephone answering machine that you're not at home or on vacation, or will be gone until a specified date. This is an open invitation that says 'Come Get Me".

Help the police by marking your property for identification purposes using etchers or Ultraviolet Markers. It's OK to let any would-be burglars know this by posting signs, stickers, and yard signs. If you cannot mark your property, try to take photographs or videotapes of the items.

Avoid keeping a lot of cash and jewelry in the house. Burglars can easily turn these into quick money.

Don't fall prey to predictability...burglars know all the hiding places like the freezer, under doormats, beneath the mattress... you get the idea.

Burglars are usually pretty lazy individuals. They will take the easiest method of entry into your home. Make it difficult for them to get in and they're likely to go somewhere else that's an easier target. They hate a lot of sound or light for fear of being detected, identified, and subsequently apprehended.

Think about joining a Neighborhood Watch Program and if one doesn't exist, form one with the help of local law enforcement. Most all departments have programs for these requests.

Get to know your neighbors. They can be your best assets when you're not at home.

Invest in quality locks and deadbolts from your local locksmith.

Consider investing in a quality electronic Security System through a reliable licensed alarm company. Make sure the system is monitored at a Central Office designed to watch over your premises 24/7.

Report Any Suspicious activity to the police.

By protecting yourself using these simple steps, you can help prevent would-be burglars and thieves from making unauthorized entry into your home and getting access to your valuables.

These days Burglary is making HUGE headlines in the NEWS. Always be on guard to detect and prevent any would-be burglars from stealing and vandalizing your property. No one wants to suffer malicious damages caused by these thugs.

These threats are REAL! Hundreds of thousands of people and Homeowners by these crimes every day.

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