Generators and Health Hazards

Tim is the celebrated bird lover in our locality. He prefers to describe diesel electric generator as poison exhaling demon because the device makes his winged friends fly away for the fear of getting suffocated. Well, the generator is not perfectly suitable for the human health either. A prolonged power outage results in irreparable losses of domestic provisions.

Just imagine the situation where you have just dumped your refrigerator with meats and milk for the whole month only to be greeted by sudden black out in the locality. A generator may be able to save you in this situation. Do you work from home? With a generator at your disposal, you will never have to worry about what your boss will say if you can not meet the deadline due to a power outage. A generator will also allow you to carry on with your normal household chores in an undisrupted manner.

But on the flipside, generators cause pollution; both by emitting noise and exhaling fumes. Thus, they can cause serious health hazards to you and to your neighbors. But one thing I must mention; it is possible to avoid much of the health hazards associated with generator if you care to follow some simple safety guidelines. The most important and primary hazard originating from a generator relates to the carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

It is the engine of the generator that emits this highly toxic gas dangerous for human health. A sizeable number of deaths are recorded every year, where the incidents were the consequence of wrong handling of home generators. Again most of the cases of CO poisoning involved use of generators indoors or in partially-enclosed spaces.

To be precise CO poisoning is most dangerous. You can not see the gas or smell it. You will not be able to realize that you have inhaled CO until you start to feel its symptoms. And then it is too late, because impact of CO is very quick. So what are the symptoms of CO poisoning? Even if you did not smell any odor of the gas, it still can enter your system and make you feel sick. A little while after inhaling CO you will start to feel dizzy and weak.

So, remember. if you ever experience any kind of uneasiness while handling the home generator, immediately come out in the fresh air. Do not dare to make any delay; otherwise it may take the most fatal turn. CO is one gas that can lead to full incapacitation very quickly and the person dies within seconds. If the symptoms still persist, seek proper medical help.

If you have reason to believe that CO fumes have entered inside the house, inform the fire brigade immediately and leave the house. Do not reenter, until the fire brigade men declares it safe.

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