Choosing the right collar for your pet

Choosing the right collar for your pet Collars are meant to notify people that a dog or a cat has a home and it is not just a stray one. Collars are ideally suited for those pets, which have a tendency to go outside. It's also a wise decision to write the full contact details on the collar, in case it gets lost. For cat owners, it's a bit difficult to choose the right collar rather than that of a dog owner.

So, what do you think is the best collar for your cat, is it the flea control collar or a reflective collar or an elastic collar or one with a buckle and so on? To pick the right cat collar you first need to consider the fit, form and whether the collar hurts or not. The fit is the most important of all the factors mentioned above. The collar you choose needs to be fitted perfectly, i.e.

not tight and not loose. Try to tie the collar in a way that two fingers can get inside easily. Tying a tight collar often results in cutting the blood and air supply, choking to be precise.

Loose collars often result in getting caught up on fences or branches, when your cat is playing. Also, cats have a tendency to get out of the collar if it's tied loosely. And for kittens, try to get an adjustable collar, which can be fitted perfectly during the growth period. Vets often suggest avoiding buckle collars, as they break off easily.

Whichever cat collar you choose check whether it has an elastic or breakaway section. This is a safety feature that allows cats to escape if it gets struck anywhere or gets trapped. And as far as the material of the collar is concerned, always make sure to buy one that can be easily cut in case of emergencies. Consider buying a reflective collar, if you have a dark colored cat or if you take it out in busy traffic.

Collars with noise making devices such as bells are also available. Fitting these is indeed a wise decision as everyone will get to know of its presence. For dogs, you can also avail between wide varieties of collars, based on different materials, behavioural controls etc. Dog owners mostly prefer a leather collar to anything else.

These leather collars are easy to maintain, looks good on dogs and more importantly safe. Two types are available, flat and rounded. Vets suggest opting a rolled one, as these are safer than the flat leather collar. Decorative dog collars are also popular these days.

So, if you want to see your pet adored with a gem or other materials, such as crystal bids or pearls then get one for your pet soon. You even have the option to personalize your dog's collar with his name embedded on it. However, make sure that you don't make your pet wear these personalized or decorative collars all the time.

Use them in case of any special occasions. As mentioned earlier, remember to maintain the two-finger gap while tying a dog collar also.

Stephen Pappalau is author of this article on Pet supplies. Find more information about Dog toys here.

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