A Brief Guide On How To Modify A Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen is often a simple, unfussy and minimalist affair deriving from the 1950s sense of style it has evolved up to the present day, boasting geometric shapes, stark horizontal lines, removing all moulds and other pretentious decorations, through the use of stainless steel or dark brooding elements including lacquer and frosted glass. A well laid out kitchen design often benefits from a good use of materials and the initial visual 'wow' factor, to create such a kitchen, the following points should be adhered to. The colours used in your kitchen will be the first thing that people take in when they see your kitchen, whether it be marble countertops or sheik steel on the kitchen walls down to the floor and even above on the ceiling. The colour of the kitchen will leave a lasting taste in the mouth of your friends and family. As a general rule of thumb, any colour is ok as long as it's the right colour for you! Your lifestyle, age, personality and how busy your house is will all have a major impression on the choice of shade of colours used in your kitchen. Lighting is the essential ambience and mood for that area, so consideration of lighting in your modern kitchen must be taking into account at the design stage.

The correct lighting should create a sense of space and focus, so some nice down lights can be a fashionable element of your kitchen. These lights should be used to highlight particular areas and not as a main source of lighting to the room. On the other hand more of a well illuminated kitchen can mean that it looks bigger and is a safer area to be in. The health and safety aspect of designing a kitchen should also be on the forefront of your mind; cabinetry and doors in the living space should have soft closing mechanisms, especially if you have children or expect some to visit a lot! This will allow the cabinetry doors to gently close and at the same time the process is slow meaning that trapped children's fingers are a thing of the past.

Installing the kitchen at the correct height to you is also a major issue. If you are tall then small worktop counters and low drawers can be tiring to work with and if you are elderly, this may mean a lot of unnecessary bending, so your lifestyle should be assessed before any kitchen design is finalised, with drawers being raised if necessary. Flooring in a contemporary kitchen can generally encompass non slip tiles.

To set off the modern design of your kitchen, then why not select kitchen accessories and furniture that is made of birch or even stainless steel. Furniture that is selected should help to set off the new kitchen's overall style and features such as chairs, tables, bar stools, cabinetry and bakers racks can all go some way to helping achieve this contemporary effect. Contemporary design usually dictates unpretentious and minimalist in terms of decoration, items that give a sleek style with joining lines help to maintain the modern visual appeal of the kitchen.

Chelsea is a freelance journalist, writing intermittent overviews on kitchens birmingham, who specialise in high quality and designer kitchen and offer a bespoke creative opportunety to design your own kitchen .

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